Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas Day 18 - Joy To The World

Image edited to protect privacy of Teamies :)

Yesterday I was sooooo busy, I didn't get a chance to sit down much less blog lololol
My evening was busy but amazing.

In the morning we had Christmas assembly and a head teacher appointment(grrrrrrr) then the afternoon shopping and trying to make Mello feel happy about having to miss the pantomine trip(double grrrrrrrr).
We came home and I made lunch for everyone who was in and heated the yummy soup my mummy sent me(ooh how I love her soup) I played a little Animal Crossing with Mello, helping him do the nook tasks ..... again(he made a new person, *sigh*) and then the tired dropsy feeling came over me and I had a little nap, setting my phone alarm.
Before the alarm even went off I had a "mummy" issue to sort out lolololol ah well the small nap did help.
I got ready for the evening Carol, Evangelism and Gift Giving event.

One of our Ministers is the head of the Evangelist dept. and she and her team go out weekly, I am not able to go out much with them as I have the kiddies and Hubby's shift patterns don't really allow for the time they go out. I try to do other Evangelical stuff and take full advantage of the flexibility that being online gives. The team do such fantastic work, helping those who have problems, giving advice and befriending. They go out in all kinds of weather and get such abuse at times. I commend them for their loyal dedication.

Each year they host a Carol singing event alonside their "normal" weekly work and I hop on down to join them. I ended up leading the worship last night and was wayyy out of my comfort zone. I was soooo nervous and insecure and I have to admit, a little uncomfortable but I didn't have time to let ME get in the way of doing Kingdom work. I had to put all my isms and schisms to the side and get on with it. I had no time to think about who was judging my voice or picking holes at my ability. We were a team, working with one end goal.
At one point during the evening I stopped thinking and just did. I felt God wrap me in His arms and guide me. I felt a strange but wonderful feeling come over and within me, I started singing much louder then I ever had even with a microphone I've never been that loud much less on a street corner with no amplification!! I started adlibing in The Word and with meaning.
The group were with me and were openly worshipping, the team members who were giving out tracts, serving tea and giving out presents were also in unity and we worked together.

People were going past smiling, clapping, dancing, singing and the atmosphere was joyful and light. Such a difference from the normal Wednesday on that particular busy and hectic street.

One guy came over to where we were and stayed, handing out tracts, talking and clapping. He was prayed for at the end and fell to his knees not caring if the rain drenched dirty street marked his jeans.

Another highlight of the evening was when a very trouble man started off by mocking, jeering, shouting and rebuking us, he was going on with all kinds of antics. Some outlandish, some odd, some seriously creepy. He was so very troubled. to cut a long story short, he went from all of that to taking tracts from the team and handing them out(what?!) He was also prayed for at the end and was crying and on the floor.

Lives were touched last night. Mine too. I felt different. It's hard to put into words but I just felt so different. It was an awesome experience which magnified the awesomeness of God!

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