Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Catch Up - Straight hair routine.

Wearing my hair straight was soooo odd. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually missed my curls and puff. In the end I couldn't wait to wash my hair to fully revert.
Coming from someone who used to go to all kinds of lengths for straight hair that's saying a lot.

Another thing I've realised is that my straightened natural/transitioning hair acts VERY different to my relaxed Straightened hair did and the ends do. Reversion is crazy! My hairline actually reverted the same day and ten the front of my hair the next day.
I was much more laid back about my hair losing it's straightness too. I didn't run from every drop of water or shield it from every wave of humidity lol.
I noticed that it wasn't frizzy like my relaxed hair was just reversion. I also loved how thick it was now.

My routine changed a little during my straight hair "stretch" and so did the products I used and the amount.
I didn't use my moisture spray as much as I didn't want add to the reversion and I used My Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends as my moisturiser which I haven't for a long time. I used it every day, mostly at night and if I needed it in the day.
I found I wanted a heavier oil in my hair like a serum but using my Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum or Chi Silk Keratin Infusion daily was too much. I found an oil that I picked up in one of the pound shops - it was a macadamia one and it was great.... it made my hair silky and was heavy enough to make it glossy but light enough to let it flow..... for a few days it was great, but then it felt odd, coated, I thought it may have been all the silicone ... then it spilled and when I was clearing it up I looked more closely at the bottle and saw Mineral Oil.... gahhhh. I thought "well I've used it now" and was planning to use it but I couldn't lol plus it made my hair coated and odd feeling so I threw it away and reached for my Organix Argan oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil..... Awwwwwww Bliss.

So that's what I used for every day styling.

I didn't plait or twist my hair at night as I didn't want the crinkles but the wrapping wasn;t working for me. I wrapped it the first night as I wanted to *set* the straightness and I wrapped it a couple nights but the roots were puffy in the morning.
When alot of the hair was not as straight as it was I went back to threading and it was lovely and flowy in the morning, my hair was stretched and really nice.

When the front of my hair wouldn't lay flat any more I just flat twisted the front and wore the back out a few days, then I just had the back in a ponytail or bun.

I can't lie, I did like the convenience of straight hair. I took less than 1/4 of the time to style my hair in the mornings. No detangling, no taming the shrink or fighting the puff lololol and at night it was a doddle when it came to M&S - again No heavy detangling or fighting involved. One particular night, I was soooo tired and I put it in a bun and just slept, I didn't even M&S when I woke up my hair was fine and I just M&S before I styled, there's no way that I could do that with my puff..... no way atall atall.
I can see the attraction of being a "straight natural" but I know using that much heat on my hair will not do it any good, my hair just doesn't thrive with heat. I'm not sure if its just my relaxed and now transitioning hair that hates it and maybe when I'm fully natural it might be different but honestly after the loooong time it's taking to transition from relaxed I don't want to cause irrepairable(sp) damage and have to transition from that too.

Washing wise, I didn't wash my hair after 1 week as usual but stretched to 2 weeks as I wanted to get my GHD worth lol. I did feel the difference on my scalp and it was begging for water so I realise my hair has gotten very used to weekly wash days.
I have been thinking about maybe stretching my roots with cool air next wash day and see how it makes my hair feel. One of the bloggers I follow does that every wash day and her hair hasn't deteriorated in fact it's thriving.

All in all I am happy I straightenend my hair as it gave me a visiual proof that my hair has grown and gave me a different style option but now my heat pass has been used, the GHDs go back in their pouch for a long time.

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