Friday, 19 December 2014

Blogmas with DOASAHM - Day 19

Christmas Food Shopping

What an apt prompt today.

Today was the day that I did the Christmas food shopping. I went in the afternoon and was kiddie free. Hubby was at work and it felt odd but free to be shopping on my own. I went to the high road and shopped in a few shops in all to get little bits from each place.

It's so funny how a lifestyle change can transform the contents of my Christmas trolleys. In my unhealthy days it was full of chocolates that we wouldn't really finish and would be hanging around the house in march, Biscuits galore and sweeties.
My trolleys today was full of different veggies... ooo including my beloved sprouts... fruits, meats and staples. As I'm typing I realise not one pack, tin or box of chocs was purchased!! I can't even believe that I am free of my choc addiction, and no sweeties!! wow!! I am quite stunned to be honest.
No way am I all pious as I did pick up a treat or two for the festivities, but these were more food based than confectionery and baked goods.

I have a few more items to get that I couldn't carry like potatoes and eggs. The ingredients for the fruit punch and I also need to get the little bits for the boys' hot drinks packs for midnight. But that will be it, food shopping done? wow, were did this organised me come from?

Hmmmmm I wish she was around to help me get my cards made and the Christmas pressies purchased but hey, she can help me on Christmas day lol


I picked up some wonderful spices for the cookies and cakes I will be baking but want to wait nearer to the day so they can be fresh. I made some "improvised" gingerbread in the week and will make some more next week. I will have fun baking with the kidos, they love baking with me and now there's space to do it properly.


Now that all the boys' school and college have broken up for the holidays, we will get around to the decorations. I wanted to have them do as much of the decorating as it;s the first year when it will be full on decor rather than just me decorating the shelves and units. Whooooooop I can't wait.


 I have two things in mind for my outfit and will see which one - or even something else lol - I decide on Christmas Eve when I lay it out ready for the next day.
Hubby, eldest and second eldest will choose their own and I'll guide the middle two and choose the youngest's outfit with his "input" lol


I will do a proper clean and clear of the kitchen and Dinning room on Christmas Eve so everything will be ready for the next day. 

Ooooo yes, I do feel quite organised this year. Long may this side of me remain :)


  1. Congratulations on a "free" afternoon to shop by yourself. I love those days. I'm shopping for my fresh ingredients on Tuesday. Sounds like you have a good "plan" in place to get it all accomplished.

    1. yay for free days :) we're on the home stretch now. hope your fresh shop goes great.


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