Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blogmas with DOASAHM - Day 11

Today's Blogmas is about. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Menu's

Hmmmmm For Christmas Eve I really don';t know what we'll be having. Maybe Cottage Pie. Or Spaghetti Bolonaise. Something quick and easy as I will be conserving my cooking energy for Christmas Day.
We will for sure be having Hot drinks at midnight and I'll give the boys Hot Drink Treat Bags to make their own..... OOooooo we can have it on our Dining Table for the first time!! Whooooop.

Now onto Christmas Day!! This year I plan on Roasting a Duck Crown for our roast and will have fluffy Roast Potatoes with it. I'll also roast some Parsnips and Carrots and glaze them with honey.
Some sort of Stuffing will have to be made and maybe some Macaroni Cheese.
I will serve some Veggies either Petit Pois and Baby Carrots or a mixed veg dish.
I'm hoping Mummy and Hubby can come over and if they do I will treat them to Curry Goat and Rice and Peas but if they don't plan to have dinner I won't cook the curry but if the boys and hubster want the rice and peas I'll put a pot on.

Desert will be the 3D Christmas Tree Cookies or thinking about it. I may do a Triffle and have the cookies on Boxing day.

With all that being said I am deffo looking forward to the whole Shopping, Preping andd Cooking Christmas Dinner.


  1. Sounds delish. I'm toying with making a trifle....

  2. Triffle is winning at the moment. Just wondering if it will be too creamy after a meal with lots of different tastes.


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