Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blogmas Day 21 - Christmas Hopes

When I was younger I used to make wishes. Blowing out birthday candles, dandelions, eyelashes, shooting stars, wishbones you name it. Then there were the times when I would lie in bed wishing things away - hurt, jeers, guilt, grief.

Birthdays and Christmas were filled with wishes big and small.

As I grew up I lost the urge to wish and started hoping instead. I felt that wishes were things that may not materialise and often a throw away comment in the spare of the moment. Hopes however have substance, they have the ability to keep you optimistic during the darkest moments. They can take root and become tangible. For me hopes were attainable.

I thought for today's blogmas post I would put together some Christmas Hopes for this year;

*My Boys to feel loved, special and happy.
*To have a wonderful season without major mishaps, upsets and accidents.
*For us all to be healthy and pain free.
*I hope my boys understand that money is not in abundance after our house move and not feel disappointed by the lack of big gifts but instead feel the love in our hearts and understand that love far outweighs things.
*Family, Loved ones to be happy.
*For anyone who have lost a love one to be comforted at this time.
*For those who find this season stressful to have peace, lonely to feel comfort and tiring to have rest.
*For the children who are in danger to be rescued.

I know this is beginning to sound like a Ms World speech and yes World Peace would be nice but truly, I have had such a crazy few weeks and last weeks Carolling experience has left me with a different mindset and also has put a lot of things into perspective. I feel rather introspective at the moment.

Have you got any Christmas hopes for this year?

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