Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blogmas with DOASAHM - Day 14

OH wow!! I have soooo many happy childhood memories that I can't choose just one.

If I look back at the Christmases past I can remember the following flashes from all different years;

*Sitting on Santa's knee at around 4 years old and the newspaper publishing a photo, my mummy took the cutting and kept it, showing it to whoever wanted to see (and those who didn't I bet lol)

* Various school Christmas plays.

*Singing in the school choirs for Christmas concerts in infant, junior and senior school.

*Playing various instruments for Concerts.

*Begging my mum for a Cabbage Patch Doll one year but not really thinking I would get one as I knew money was tight. Seeing a present under the tree and opening it to find my beloved 'Paige Leslie' oh how I skipped and danced. I loved her to bits and was ecstatic to see she came with her very own adoption certificate. I still have her to this day *blush*

*Sitting around with my humongous extended family enjoying the stories, auntie and uncles would tell, laughing at their jokes and antics. Anxiously hoping they would forget about asking me to sing(I was soooo shy-still am) but they never would and I'd have to stand in the middle and take requests.

*Putting up the Christmas tree, as soon as I got big enough it became my job and I would take time aranging the decorations and leave the angel for the top till the very last. I'd turn on the fairy lights and sit staring at the tree for hours.

*Getting out the decoration box that was chocka full with decorations from years before, each one with it's own story and/or memory. I'd spend hours just looking at them and playing with them before putting them up in the room or on the tree.I remember my fave ones still now (I wonder if mummy still has them?) I used to be soooo sad when the time came to put them away for another year.

Oh my, I am sitting here and the lovely memories are dancing around in my mind. I am smiling and at times laughing as I remember. Thanks for such a great prompt Sandra(DOASAHM)


  1. I asked for a cabbage patch kid for Christmas (I was 13 at the time). I was told if I wanted one I would have to spend my own money. I finally saved enough and got 2, a girl and a boy. I can't remember what the girl's name was, but I changed the boy's name to Eric Nelson. I don't have them anymore, I got rid of them shortly after I got married.

    1. wow, what great saving at such a young age too.

  2. I still remember my Cabbage Patch Doll's name: Henrika Doreen. I enjoyed reading your special memories. It was very nice to look back on our childhood memories, wasn't it?

    1. ahh you had one too. Yes I had such a lovely time remembering.


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