Sunday, 7 December 2014

Blogmas with DOASAHM 2014 - Day 6

 OOooooo presents lol. I know Christmas isn't about  presents and it's important to remember the reason for the season but presents have always been a part of Christmas celebrations for me and when it came to opening presents My mum allowed me to open one present at midnight and then the rest were left for after dinner on Christmas day.
I talked a little about going to my Grandmas' house in the last blogmas post, being part of a HUGE extended family that meant loads more pressies to open. I always so appreciative of the presents I received from my family as I knew that we didn't have much money and the fact that someone spent their money on me made me happy before I even opened the wrapping to see what was inside.
I always carefully opened the presents, taking the cellotape of gently so it wouldn't rip the paper.... my family would laugh at me - always and my oldest cousin would tease me and tell me to just rip it or he'd open it lololol - oh the memories.
I would fold the paper neatly too and put any tags safely in my bag (the hoarding started early *blush*)

I kept the tradition up when I became a family and had my first child, and it continues now years later. I have added a little tradition of our own where I make everyone hot drink gift packs and we make the drinks while we open a pressie in our night clothes, will be onsies this year - apart from hubby who doesn't do onesies *guffaw*

Last year we didn't get to open our presents as My youngest was rushed into hospital in the early hours of Christmas morning - one of the most scary and horrible times of my life - When we were on the ward, people came and gave the children presents, it was so kind that they took time out of their day to make sick children smile. The hospital also provided a humongous sack filled to the brim with presents.
Our kids decided they wouldn't open their presents until myself and Bubba came home, bless them, and that was a week later, we had our Christmas day then and they opened their presents and it meant so much more after the rough time we had.

This year we will be having our first Christmas in our new house! Wow what blessing and feels like a dream. I can't wait to continue the traditions we have and make some new ones.


  1. Loved your post, so thoughtfully written.

  2. Rushing a child to the hospital is scary any time of the year but i applaud the other kids who waited to so patiently to open their gifts. Congrats on your new home and the many memories you will be making there

    1. Thanks so much, yes the kids really surprised and touched me.

  3. That must have been such a scary experience for you. Glad you'll be enjoying Christmas in your new house, that has to be exciting :)

    1. Yes! Very exciting. I can't wait to put up all the decorations, the kids can't wait either.


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