Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas 2015 - Chatter

Whooaahhhh!!! Are we really in December already?! I cannot beleive it's Christmas in 23 days!! 23 DAYS!! My oh my the year is nearly over. I will make a big effort to Blog everyday for Blogmas again this year.....being realistic I aim to blog as much as possible. Many of the posts will be Christmas themed but the aim for me is more to blog more often to make up for my huge blogging fail for months.

The frosty air and billowing wind has got me wrapping up in my blanket in the morning and dreading the walk to and from school! The bus at the halfway point to school and the journey back calls to me louder each day but I close my ears and carry on walking. I am still amazed at my walking! Today I have already walked 6.26km and got a top 25%..... I give thanks that little by little I am claiming my body back.

I can't wait to buy and put up our Christmas Tree!! It will be our first tree. In fact I can't wait to put up all the decorations and set up rooms and areas with festive decor. I love the Christmas season!!
The excitement is building lol.
I did a small decor shop this morning to add to the other bits I've been buying during the last month or so. I still didn't find anything to use as snow for the Christmas jars I have planned. I haven't seem anything locally so will have to have a think about that.
My eye caught the new Tim holtz sizzix houses and bell tower!! Ohhhhh they look fab and the houses would look great both in the jars and as decor pieces.... Sigh I wonder how much they are, I'm scared to look as my fingers may be too quick with the order button *hides face*

I have put the beef on to stew early today as I have sooo much to do after the school run, Orders to make and a Greek class in the evening! I am sooooo looking forward to learning Greek again.

Anywayyy chatter over. I must do some preparations to make later run as smooth as possible and cheer up Kuppie as he is a little grouchy today.

Have a great day xxx

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