Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas: Christmas Eve

Whoahh!! Is it really Christmas Eve?! My goodness time is steaming by.

I thought I'd do a little Christmas Eve run-down like I did last year(it won't be as big though as the day's already gone lol)

So far I went out to the shops, picked up the last bits and pieces, last pressie, went to the hair shop quickly as my scalp is still giving me probs(I'll post more about that at a later date)
Came back home bearing goodies for the boys and sat down for a bit.

I went to season the mutton ready for tomorrow and gah!!! No curry powder?! How can I do curry mutton with no curry powder??!! Soooooo off I trodded to the shops but none of the local ones had any and the nearest supermarket (Waitrose) was already shut, so I ended up walking quite a way and thank goodness I saw a Co-op (didn't even know there was one there) and grabbed said curry powder and remembered milk, flour and couple forgotten items lol.

Hubby was outside our house so he kindly picked me up as by then I was pooped and achy, and back home.

I finished seasoning the meat and put it in the fridge.

I prepared dinner and afterwards cleared, cleaned and then it was time for the baking.

I made the dough for the Ginger Cookies, rolled into a ball and put it on the fridge to chill.

Next on to the Gingerbread Cake.
I made the batter and its in the oven baking -- wheeeeww 

Cleared up the mess, put ingredients away and utensils to soak (I find it easier in the long run if I clear/clean as I go.

Now I'll make some icing to go on top.

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