Saturday, 5 December 2015

Blogmas 2015: Fave Christmas Goodies - Drinks

Its no secret how much I love Christmas. Everything about it just makes my heart sing.

I love "Christmasy" stuff and I know shops and companies can get very grabby during this season but I enjoy many of their offerings. Today I will chat about my fave drinks;

Egnog!! Ohhhhh I know so many people dislike the creamy yellow goodness that is egnog but I really like it. Here in the UK it's not available much and the only version I see is this cheap spiced milkshake carton with a "fake" after taste.
I keep saying I'll try to make some and I may well do this year.....not sure about the raw egg though.

Flavoured Lattes. Starbucks has to be my number one stop for a coffee treat. I don't go often at all. In fact since leaving my job where SB was two doors away, it's normally only a couple times a year and that's during the autumn/Christmas season. I LOVE their Pumkin Spiced, Egnog (surprise lol) and Gingerbread lattes.
I have a tasimo machine in which I make lattes and add my own flavours to save money, or I'll just make a flavoured coffee with my trusty kettle.

Guiness Punch. This isn't exactly a Christmas drink per se but because of all the naughty ingredients I don't have it often at all. I can't even remember the last time I made it, it could well have been last Christmas.

Flavoured Cream Liqueurs. Baileys Original has to be one of if not my fave "strong drink". From a young girl when on special occasions I was given a literal drop to taste to my teen years when I was lets say freer with alcohol it was my go to drink.
It seems to be at Christmas when all the different shops do their own version and add seasonal flavours. Marks and Spencers have gorgeous options like Gingerbread and toffee and pecan. This year they have introduced new ones - Chocolate Yule Log, Sherry Trifle and Tiramisu. I bought the Tiramisu one a few weeks back and it is lovely.
Tesco have a salted caramel one which I have on my list to try.

Mulled Rum Punch. A feww years ago, Marks and Spencers added this yummy addition to their mulled drinks and it was divine. The taste of mulled wine but with the full and warming taste of rum added!! I didn't see it last year in store but I had a bottle or two left over from the great discounted offers the previous year.

Port and Sherry. Much to my hubby's amusement I love a good port. He loves to tease me about loving an "old lady's" drink but I don't care lol. The full bodied drink is on my Christmas list and I use it during the year in cooking and baking. Sherry get's the same treatment both by him and by me but it has to be good quality one (I sound so snobby lol)

mmmmmm just thinking about these drinks is making me thirsty lol, well it's far too late in the night for any of the yummy choices above. It will be some water and bed for me.

Feel free to let me know your fave seasonal drink or even the drinks that are not necesarily seasonal but which you like to partake at this time of the year.


  1. Oh I love love love me some eggnog! I can't imagine who wouldn't love it. It is sooo yummy! I need to scopp some up next time I am at the grocery store. What a great list, Peechy! :)

  2. thanks :)
    Mmmmmm egnog lol. Enjoy.


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