Friday, 25 December 2015

Blogmas: Christmas Eve pt2

Wow!! How is it so late?!

The Gingerbread Cake finished baking and this time round it has cracks in the top, no matter, by the time I cut it into squares it'll be fine.

I made a quick icing to go ontop of the cake when it cools and on some of the cookies too.

I decided to drizzle the icing onto the cake while it was still hot to form a glaze.
It looks very shiny, I'm sure the opaque parts will dry/cool clear.

I washed my hair with my new bits I purchased earlier.
Ugh!!! I need my scalp to behave... NOW!! I was hoping to do a protective style for Christmas and winter in general but as my scalp is playing up its really not worth it.
While the deep conditioner was on my hair I finished off the window sill decors, put the Christmas tree lights on the tree and finished off in the kitchen.

I just finished wrapping the last of the pressies(gahhh why every year last minute?)
Now I'm gonna set my hair in a Wash&Go and let it dry overnight.


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