Tuesday, 19 November 2013


.... La Juicy.

I got this box set a from Boots a month or maybe 2 ago. It was a chance sighting. I think it was part of the Christmas Star promotion but I was running into Boots to get a pack of tissues and Olbas inhaler and my eye glanced the bright pink box and the price...better than half price.... whoooop.

I didn't have enough pennies on me but vowed to get it the next week before the offer expired. And I did lol. Im a Juicy Couture Charm addict and wait for sales or visit outlets to peek at the charms when I can. I LOVE their bags and the jewellery so this box set really had me at BTHP.

The perfume is one of my faves and my previous bottle is running on fumes so I had been wanting to replace it and it made sooo much sense to get the box...... buyers justification anyone.....
it's sweet but not sickly and fruity but also has very a subtle floral spritz to it that stops the scent being clawring. Its a lovely candy scent which has me giggling.

The lipgloss is a lovely pink colour {LOVE PINK} and as I am into pink lips at the moment was a great find. The texture is creamy and not too gummy or sticky which I love as I hate when lip gloss is sticky. The colour is a lovely shade too bright but not garish and has a pearly look.

The nail varnishes look lovely but I haven't tried them out yet.

Oh the charm!! A cute black and gold stilleto shoe, so cute and petty, I hope it is hard wearing as I have found some of Juicy charms to loose parts and or gems or wear very quickly which is a shame.

I love the make up bag, its quilted metallic yumminess is too pretty. The little JC logo is a nice touch. I used it as a little clutch for a fancy dress party and my phone, lipgloss, mints and such fit in nicely, hubby even had it in his back pocket at one stage, obviously it stuck out the top but the width was a great fit.

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