Wednesday, 6 November 2013

fab-u-louss wash results - straight airdry

lolol, I am in love with my wash day results!!
I have been meaning to document my wash days as I want to try and get the magnif combo.... whats that you may ask? well its the perfect combo that gets your hair looking gorgeous.
I started off blowdrying and straightening with ghds every time I washed my hair but my hair wasn't healing and it was still shedding alot and breaking. Added to the clip ins and straightening mid week to blend.... I was doing more harm do my damaged barnet.
I have been keeping heat away from my hair while I try to get it back to its lovely self and each and EVERY time I have just had to deal with the rough.... and tough.
The first time my hair looked like a fluffly ball, second time.... it looked like the wad of lint from my condensing clothes dryer.... then I used sponge rollers... now hear me out, I bought them has I wanted to use them to blend my hair into the curly upart I planned to make for my holiday , and they were looking at me saying "rollers can get your hair straight looking, why not use us?" and I was tired and not thinking and I used them.... and of course when I took them out my hair was a fluffy afro..... no kidding a small fluffy fluff bag! I actually had a small hissy panic and went to cowash my hair but son number 1 had taken residence in the bathroom gahhhh so I thought and used my leave in condish spray to wet my hair slightly and then added moisturiser and combed and then oiled.... my afro turned into a springy coily thing and I was happy, I counted my loses and just pinned up my hair.

I just sort of resigned myself to having fluffy hair while I banished heat..... reading inspiring blogs and youtubers I saw that the lovely ladies were getting great results
I tried the bun method, with little gel to edges - better but not straight....
I tried the banding method -  softer but still crinkly

fassst forward to this last wash on Saturday.... I got to the deep condish part of my wash and as had already I decided re plait my eldest sons hair I thought why not wash it too(am I SILLY??) I thought seeing as I had condish mix etc for my own hair I might as well, Ive been telling him to take his hair out for weeks but that's another story. I ended up taking it out too.... anywayyy as I was getting on with the day I decided this was the day to get my hair looking like it was straight, I remembered a "curly girl" got great results wrapping her hair but me and wrapping are not friends and I had watched with awe but kind of dismissed it for me.
I thought why not search for straightening curly hair for ideas.... I mean if full on curls behaved why couldn't my mixed grill of a barnet behave too?
Looking at the search results I noticed the same techniques so I searched for natural hair.... with the same thought that if natural hair fixed up my mop could too. I found terminology stretching natural hair.... hmmm interesting I wanted to stretch my new growth....

I was on full kiddy patrol as the hubster was at a football studio thing for the day and evening so I kinda searched when I wasn't cooking lunch, refereeing squabbles, cuddling, comforting..... cooking dinner...... getting drinks.... you get the picture haaaa

I started to take out sons hair and carried on watching and reading..... we decided that I'd take it out that night and he'd wear it in a bun for church (sun) and I'd plait it in the evening

THEN!!! I came across a blog post that had different pictures and videos on it a couple were what I had found but one.... that ONE la la la lalllllaaaaa (ok calmed down now) showed the lovely lady putting her hair in two buns.... hmm I thought, surely that wont work but then I carried on reading that she had it in two buns to finish drying in the day and then wrapped her hair overnight..... hmmmm I watched the vid and wow!! now by the time I actually found it it was after 2am and my hair was still wet as I had rinsed the deep con out and wrapped it up to dry.
I briefly pondered actually trying it out next week but the silliness in me made me try it then... I have crazy sleep pattern and knew I could let it dry in two buns. so I did but I used a bit of the normal bun method in that I put in my leave ins and added aloe gel to my edges, tied a scarf and let it dry.
When it felt dry I took of the scarf in order to take out buns and wrap my hair and MY DAYS!! my edges felt straight! huhhh?? I could not believe it, I took the buns out and felt my hair..... SOFTNESS!! huhhh??? yup I could not believe that either.... thinking I must be more tired than I thought, I decided to go into the bathroom to wrap in the mirror I stared at my hair... it looked like I had blowdried it!!! from TWO BUNS??!! sooo I added a little coconut oil and wrapped my hair... it wasn't pretty lololol, my regrowth is big and my hair is shorter than my inspo but I just went with it.

I woke up on Sunday LATE!! and head full of cold and throat sore.... ugh last thing I wanted to do was battle with a let down air dry (I don't know why I'm so pessimistic sometimes) after washing and teeth brushing I took of my scarf and bonnet and MY DAYS!! my hair looked like I straightened/flat ironed it.... huhhh??
As I was going to wear upart I put the back in a bun and left leave out, downstairs, I helped son 1 to put his hair back as he had tried but it wasn't neat enough.
Hubster took one look at my hair and asked "did you blowdry your hair??" result!! lol he knows I'm trying not to use heat but thought I must have been so tired that I just blowdried it for easy sake.

Even up to today (tues) he was commenting that it looks like I used my straighteners.... oh I'm sooooo happy with this airdry la lla lllaa laaaaa

I had my own hair up in a pony with the end twisted.... I haven't had my own hair showing for a very long time, since my hair crumbled on me I just felt unconfident with it and have had clipins, then uparts and hair added for buns I actually just put it up and went out... this is a change in the right direction as I have to admit I have started to wonder if I am using false hair as a safety blanket and don't want to get attached so much that I can have my own hair showing.....
Hubster kept looking at it and smiling.. awww.... and saying how different I look with hair off my face, we laughed that before it was odd to see me with hair on my face as I always used to have it in a pony or bun (isn't it funny that I took it for granted when it was longer?) and that it didnt even look like it "needed relaxing" ... awww bless him.

now dont get me wrong, my hair isn't like a relaxed hair straight but it is straight, it has its little quirks but soooo much better than all the other airdry attempts. I know that your hair does get trained so maybe it is listening to my airdry hints. Or maybe the new products I used made my hair behave??!! I'm deffo gonna try it out this wash day and see.

I'll write up wash products in a mo as I want to remember the combo for the next try.

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