Friday, 1 November 2013

Fresh Blog.....

..... Fresh Start!

Having started to blog again, I had a read of my blag and wow!! such memories... some great some not so...
It made for an emotional time reading.
Was thinking about whethter to keep posting on blog, delete blog or all different stuff but I have decided that I will start a new blog and keep the old for memories, after all memories are what mold us.
So I will start from scratch all the lovely people I have met through my blog and online communities you are welcome to jump over with me and those who couldnt give a fig can stop being notified or glancing at new entries lol.

It seems odd starting over but also fun, I have changed sooo much from my very first blog post till now, I have had two more kids for a start.... oh hold on it could be three more! Oh the shame of losing count of kiddies, yep I do a head count before we leave anywhere


Sooooo let the blogging begin *cheese alert*

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