Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hair Wash Recipie

ok so here's my fab-u-lous wash day magnif combo:

preshampoo treat:
place Ojon Restorative Pre Cleansing Treatment on hair and gently work through
mix Dabur Alma Oil, Honey, Maggi coconut milk powder - I used to use coconut milk in liquid form from a tin but I found I had to use more conditioner to make the consistentcy right and I also would end up wasting alot of the milk as I dont always cook with it and that did not feel good ethically or financially. I came across the powder form in a little sachet and jumped on it then when stocking up on groceries in a west indian/indian shop I saw the box!Score!! my wasting guilt is satisfied and the cosistency of the prepoo is great. 
Herbal Escences Hello Hydration Condidtioner in bowl and put on hair smoothing edges and ends.

put on shower cap, leave for 15-20mins (I get on with bathroom duties) then rinse out the huney makes my neck sticky - I forgot to add the baby banana puree this time round I find it gives the mixture some cream to the texture and makes it not so "cloggy"

make tea rinse so it can seep a little(see bellow)

mix deep condish so its nice and ready to apply when needed(see bellow)

place Ojon Restorative Shampoo on hair massage through. Rinse. do the same with Ojon Hydrating Thickening Shampoo, leave for few mins then rinse.

Tea Rinse:
put Thyme tea bag, Sage tea bag, Pepermint tea bag, Roobus Vanilla tea bag, moderate drops of Rose essential oil into measuring jug, pour/add hot water to fill jug. - this is the 2nd time I used the thyme and sage and 1st that I used roobus vanilla. The herb ones I got in Dubai but the roobus I got like weeks ago but kept forgetting to try it on hair and been drinking it instead, its lovely and tastes great without any sweetner. I have been using just pepermint before this.
 Squeeze bags to get more goodness out (gently or they may break) Pour some of the tea mix into a small spray bottle and turn dial to a mist and spray onto hair let it sit for a few mins. Pour the remaining tea over hair and let it fall over whole head.
Pat hair, dont rub.... hair will feel cloggy but dont panic... again
lightly pat with towel to remove excess tea rinse so hair isn't soaking wet.

Deep Conditioner Treat:
mix in equal parts - Kamechon Karite/shea butter conditioner, Organix Macadamia oil Intensive Moisture Mask and a very small amount of Naat Silicon condish mask, a few drops of following oils; coconut, olive, avocado. ugh I cant remember if I added some grapeseed too...- I use different mixes of oils in my deep condish and this can vary each time but I tend not to use coconut with protein condish and didnt add my prized macadamia oil since I was using the organix macadamia mask lol
Oh yes! I added Kamechon Argon conditioner to the mix at the last moment as I have it in big size and the yummy karite one is finishing and I cannot find it again

put some of the mix in your hand and smooth over hair, I do this before I section hair as the tea rinse makes my hair a lttle cloggy and combing it feels all shades of wrong, when I smooth a little condish mix my hair just instantly goes slick and soft.
Take 1/4 Section of hair at front... gently ... smooth condish mix through section and gently detangle, use lightly wrap hair on flexirod - I tried all different ways keep sctions, pins.. clips.. bands... all of them ripped my hair when i removed them... twisting or plaiting also made hair fall and me wail as well as making me have tangles. If I left the hair free it either tangled or the ends just cried, the flexirods allow my ends to be engulfed in condish goodness and sections sing. I still get shed on them but no ripping.... please note I do not curl the hair round nor is it tightly closed, The aim isnt to use it as a roller but as a seperator.
Repeat process with front 1/4 and back. smooth condish on hairline, edges as they sometimes peep out, nape and at each section partings. add Jamaican Black Castor Oil to hairline,edges and nape.
Put on Shower cap - I have used bags if no caps ar in house(no jugdies :p ) put on scarf - I use the satin scarf that has smooth side and soft side that I used to use at night but which always came off.

And thats it lololol, It may look like alot but I have tried many combos and different products to try and see which works for my hair. I'm still young at this healthy hair stuff so will no doubt try many till I get what I want it to be.
I have taken out a few things and added but will post about that in another ramble informing post.

I'll post my airdry teqniques tomoz as its now 3am and I need to force myself to sleep .

**Edited 18/11  - I forgot that I did an ACV rinse with Aspall Cydr Vinegar as the very last step of the wash day recipie**

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