Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Straight Airdry

Still loving my hair after my magnif combo lol.

Here's the drying part of the combo:

I couldn't wait to use my new hair treats so after I washed my hair I opened the bottles with glee.

Remove excess water with towel, wrap hair with tshirt or pj bottoms.... I love to tie the legs around my head and it stays on better than tshirt ;)

let hair dry to just damp.... hmmmm percentages are odd to me but I'd say about 80% dry. I worked in my familiar 4 sections. Carefully detangle with Mane and Tail detangler - tiny amount as I didn't want to overload as I knew I wanted to try new prods.
Spray a little Chi Keratin Mist(Dubai find). I then poured some Chi Keratin Silk Infusion (tk maxx bargain) but was surprised at the actual product...for some reason I thought it was a cream but it's like a serum... I decided to use it to seal the moisture in instead of an oil as I was going to use oil for the wrapping stage.
I couldn't decide which leave in to use so decided to use a combo with Kanechom Styling Cream and Cantu Shea Butter leave in..... just a tiny bit of both, then sealed with the Chi Keratin Silk Infusion.
After I went through all 4 sections, I combed the two side sections into one, I sprayed a bit of the Chi Mist onto my mini boar brush and brushed my edges, I put a little Holland and Barret Aloe Vera Gel on and brushed into a side pony, I wrapped the ends and placed a band over it.
I did the same to the other side. I tied a scarf at my edges and left the back open

I left my hair to dry completely.

After my hair was dry.... this was the moment I did my first "huhhh???!!" It felt soft but realllly straight, like I had blowdried it. My edges were smmmooothhhhh lol.

I slicked a bit of coconut oil and wrapped my hair securing it with bobby pins as I went - now please understand... my roots were puffy as I am over 3months post relaxer but they had volume not looking like a fluff ball - And the wrapping was not pretty lololol
 I smoothed some oil at the front and around and tied my scarf again, I used the little trick of turning the scarf to the front in the direction I had wrapped my hair.

Thats it... Next morning take wrap down and hair will be smoooth... no lie it was like I had used my GHDs on them and I am not exaggerating.... well maybe a little as like I say my puffy roots were waving at me but yea...

I have been wearing my hair in a sleek high bun all week and up to today my hair lay nice and behaved itself.

I plan to try this airdry method again tomorrow, I'll try to add photos so I have a log.

**Edit 18/11 argggghhh!! I forgot that I used my new paul mitchell supper skinny serum during my air dry.... I cant even remember at which stage I only remembered when I went to grab it this wash day and I cant find it..... anywhere gah!!**

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