Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Easter Crafting - Treats

Can you believe I crafted?! I can't, it's been so long. 
The first Easter craft was some class treats.
The boys like me to make little class gifts when the various holidays come around and as this is Kuppies first nursery holiday I wanted to make him some for his class. The middle two will no doubt be slightly jealous but I didn't have the time to make 73 treats this time round!!
I wanted to give the little ones something to eat but not candy so I went for little boxes of raisins.
I went for really simple decoration as the kiddies are very young.

- card from Poundland, stickers from Hobbycraft and raisins from Aldi. (I also used my scallop punch from Stampinup)

Very simply but so cute. I put them in a paper bag and stuck a big puffy egg sticker on the front. Kuppie saw the bag as soon as he came to greet me after nursery (I was sick in bed) he was so happy when I showed him what was in the bag. He can't wait to take them in tomorrow.

The second Easter craft was some yarn eggs.
I have been watching a few (ok many lol) videos with Easter decor tours, hauls diys  and crafts and I kept seeing string/yarn eggs. I remembered that last year I saw the eggs after Easter and wished I saw it sooner so I could try it out, well this Easter is here and I decided to give it a go.
I wanted to use the eggs in the boys' treat bags and also as part of our home decor.
I wanted to fill the eggs as I really like the look and I know the boys will love the effect. I tried to fit the toys I am adding to the bags but they were too big so I ended up putting the rocket balloons in. For the decor eggs I put three mini polystyrene eggs inside.

- Yarn, birthday balloons, rocket balloons and pva glue from Poundland, mini polystyrene eggs from Hobbycraft.

The eggs are drying out overnight. I made a makeshift drying box with a washing line and pegs to catch to glue as I didn't have anywhere to hang them up where the glue wouldn't make a mess and I also want to hide them from the boys.

When they're dry I will pop the balloons.

Tomorrow I will pack the boys' treat bags and craft some more decor items.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really want to get back into crafting. I used to craft all the time and enjoyed being part of design teams and taking part in challenges, swaps and virtual crops.

I'd love to see the decor pieces you've made or bought for Easter.

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