Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Couponing - Monthly savings {February}

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Hiya!! I have been getting back into couponing in the last month. I watched an old re-run of Extreme Couponers and it just gave me the buzz lol.
It will never be like it is over in the US but I thought why not give it a go? If I can save a few pounds then that's what matters.

I found a few coupon sites (I am soooo jealous that there a kerzillion US sites) and printed the coupons that I actually needed products for... It's very tempting for an ex shopaholic to get an item just because I can get money off but that isn't money saving in the long run. I then looked around for deals for the products while shopping and on compare sites etc. I waited for a good offer on the product and made my purchase then.

During February I made the following savings with coupons:

Aveeno Moisturising Body Cream 100ml
                        - Coupon value £2 -Offer price £2 - price paid £0 (whooop)
Johnsons Make Up Be Gone Extra Sensitive Wipes 25s
                        -Coupon value £0.50p - Offer Price £1.45 - price paid £0.95p
Johnsons Bedtime Baby Lotion 300ml
                        - Coupon Value £1 - Offer Price £1.47 - price paid 0.47 (whoop)

Only three items but really great savings. The Aveeno was especially good as my eldest had an eczema flare up so I was able to purchase it for him, it normally retails at £6 so the offer price was great anyway. But paying zero pence for it was great.

I'm hoping to get better at this couponing. If you are a "couponer" or know some tips and/or sites please let me know.

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