Thursday, 3 March 2016

90 Day Hair Growth Challenge!!

I have mentioned before (a trillion times lol) that I love challenges to keep me motivated and inspired and stop boredom setting in. I started a new growth challenge on 1st March. I have done growth challenges in the past but this one is for a longer time and I will be adding vitamins into the mix.

I normally just take a multivitamin and some added vitamins but I thought I'd give some Hair, Skin and Nail ones a try along with MSM.

This challenge is also different from my others as I will be doing it with others whoooopppp!! I am soooo excited that people have joined up.

Here's a video with info, it's a little long as many who joined up are new to Healthy Hair Journey stuff:

If you'd like to join in I'd be so pleased to have you.

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