Friday, 5 June 2015

Wash Day - wash and go with lots of pics.

Woooww!! We are in June already!! JUNE!! the year is half way through..... whoahhh.

This wash day I was able to style my wash and go and let it dry a little before I had to go to sleep. I also managed to take some photo's of each stage too.

I started off as usual with an overnight pre-poo of Raw Organic Coconut Oil, I sectioned my hair into four, applied liberal amounts to my scalp and hair from root to tip and bantu knotted each section then covered with my scarf.
When I took my hair down, I had the prettiest bantu knot out!!

Why does that happen when I'm gonna wash my hair? it looked like I had styled it, no worries it gave me an idea of how I can stretch/refresh my wash and go later in the week.
It was half term week so no school run meant I could go straight into washing my hair. I used my L'Oreal Professhinnel Serie Nature Riche Macadamia Shampoo - {Its nearly finished so I am thinking about what I will buy to replace it *sob* I love it so much, why oh why didn't I go back and get another one when they were available? If anyone has any moisturising sulphate free shampoo suggestions please do let me know x}

My hair is getting curlier week by week, My mum and family seem to remember me having curly hair as a child but I can only remember it being tough andhard to manage, by the time I was old enough to style it myself it was terrible as I really didn't know how to look after it and just wanted to relax it to be like the other girls who had straight hair and thought that I would be able to manage it better. Fast forwarding to my adult years, I do seem to remember that I used to leave the time between relaxing my hair for ages and my regrowth was curly but I thought it was because the relaxer ma have changed the way my hair grew (yeah I wasn't clued up lol) anyway.... history over back to wash day.....

tea rinse mix.
I rinsed with a tea mixture of sage, star anaise and "relax" and a few drops of chamomile eo. The tea mix stewed to a much darker colour and smelt amazing!! I will make mix to drink -minus the eo's.

Deep Conditioner Mix.
I wanted a moisturising deep condition so grabbed La Aplanadora Macadamia Oil, Kanechom Karite Butter Hair Moisturising Cream, Coconut milk powder, ORCO and added rose, rosemary, cinnamon and jasmine eo's.

I applied the mix to my hair in sections, bantu knotted, covered my hair with my gold conditioning cap and scarf and got on with my day.
Conditioner in hair.

In the evening I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and did a cold water rinse (I must buy some ACV) and removed the excess water, rubbed some ORCO through my hair and then wrapped it up in a vest.
Hair rinsed out.

After my hair had dried a little, I took my leave ins and sat with hubby and watched a couple programmes while I styled my wash and go and left it to dry for a while.

Leave ins for wash and go.
 I think this was my most defined wash and go so far, I don't even know what I did differently lol. I do know that hair can "remember" the way you style it and recreate it in a way or maybe my hair is just happy when I leave it to curl up as it likes and leave the comb out of it. I am thinking of plaiting it up for a week though as I want to leave it alone. I will miss my curly fro I bet.

I allowed my hair to dry more before bed and the back was completely dry, the middle was a little damp at the roots and the front mostly dry.

Air dried wash and go.

I decided to band my curls to stretch them for the morning, I placed some gel at the front and tied it down with my scarf.
The next day I clipped one side up with a few hair pins and styled it with some fibres tied into a headband. My mummy returned from Jamaica so I went to see her, oh how I missed her while she was gone, I always do lol, I go to phone her and remember she's not in the country. It was lovely catching up and getting lots of hugs (yeah I'm a big baby) She really liked my hair and complimented me loads, awwwww.

Styled wash and go.

I'm joining in with the wash day experience again and can't wait to have a look at all the wash day posts.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Love yous wash and go, your curls look very well defined!

  2. I didn't know that there is a star anise tea! Does your tea mixture help with the shedding? and yayy to beautiful textures, I wish I knew about this line of products earlier. I am loving your curls, are you natural?

    1. Hi Becca K, yep I found the star anaise tea by chance, I was buying some more of my fave cinnamon tea which had finished and saw the SA tea. My tea mix really does help with shedding, I use different mixes (mostly herbal and green teas as I can't have black tea) and I have gone from awful shedding to very little shed hairs. At one stage I could ball my shed hairs up but not any more.

      Thanks re: my curls. I am transitioning to natural and am 22months post relaxer. I have a small amount of relaxed ends left in some parts and fully natural in others. I now have more natural hair than relaxed.

    2. forgot to add that I used to do coffee rinses when shedding was really bad but haven't done one for ages - must have been last year.

  3. Your hair looks beautiful! When I used to do tea rinses, my hair was very hard so I'm happy I'm stopped. How long did it take for your hair to dry?

    1. Hi Tamara, I took around 2 hrs or so for the back to dry but I left my hair to dry fully overnight. I sometimes find parts that are not fully dry the next day.
      Was you using black tea to rinse? I've heard it can make your hair hard. I find the infusions I make keep my hair strong but soft.

  4. I love your curls! and congrats on a successful wash and go!

  5. Your hair looks so lovely. I need to get back to using my tea rinse.

    1. Thanks so much Nerline, tea rinses are deffo worth the extra effort. I just wished I remembered to brew overnight lol.


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