Friday, 19 June 2015

Review: Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus- Curl Enhancing Smoothie andHold and Shine Mist.

Here's a video reviewing two of my fave hair products. I've been using them for the past 6 months or so and absolutely love them, I actually put off buying the smoothie for ages as the price put me off but I heard such great things and my hair was in its rebellious stage and needed a huge moisture injection, so.... I closed my eyes and picked it up.... 3 tubs later I have ended up picking up some of the other products in the line too. After I loved the smoothie so much, I was on the look out for a moisturising leave in/spray so decided to give the Hold and Shine Mist a try. Let's just say I'm now finishing my second bottle.
I hope you enjoy the Video and it's helpful.


  1. I really love this mist too, but it's a luxury item for me. I normally just mist water with essential oils. But I absolutely have the smoothie in my staples. I use it for leave in, moisturizing, and styling. Will keep that product.

    1. I hear you re:mist. My bottle has now finished but I haven't replaced it yet because of the price lol.
      I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with the smoothie and will buy another when this one finishes.


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