Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Catch Up - Bye Bye Plaits, Hello Puff.

Whoah!!! where did all the time go? I've been caught up in a packing-cleaning-moving-unpacking-cleaning frenzy.
Its been hectic as we have all our "normal" stuff to do at the same time. Blogging unfortunately has taken a waaayyy back seat.

In the midst of the mayhem I had to take the plaits out, I could not take the itchy, tight and sore feeling any longer. I was more than a little apprehensive about the state my hair would be but had a good feeling that all would be well.

I notice that there's no pictures of me wearing the plaits so will post one now, please excuse messy background as we were knee deep in sorting and packing and my tired self lol:

 Taking the plaits out went much smoother than I anticipated although I wasn't as bothered about taking them out as I would have been had they been all box braids instead of just the perimeter. The  crochet braids/plaits were a dream to remove - just cut them just above the knots and pull the knot and "bobs your uncle" (did I just say that?) they're out. Then you just have to take the cameroe/canerow/cornrow out. If I get over the mammoth plaiting saga I may well do it again. I do actually miss the plaits and deffo miss the *get up and go* styling.

Here's the plaits cut from above the knots, you can see that there's none of the fuzziness you get when your own hair is plaited with the extension hair, that's another thing I love  about crochet braids, they look smooth untill they're removed.

When I removed the plaits I was sooooo happy to feel my own hair and of course to scratch my scalp unhindered lololol

I was excited to wash my hair as it's been ages and I was wondering how washing my own hair in the shower would be.

I'll do a seperate wash day post but wanted to post the picture of my puff. I am sooooo happy that my hair grew quite a bit during the looooong protective style phase. My hair is much thicker as well as longer. I'm very tempted to get my GHD's to it. I planned to straighten it in August for my one year transitioning but it being summer I didn'tt want to fight the humidity plus knew I'd be swimming. Then I wanted to let it get over the chlorine, sun and sand abuse so put it off to October thinking I'd do it for our wedding anniversary.... Theeeeeennnn we were moving and now.... I don't know what box my GHD's are in haaaaaaaa.
I'll look out for them while we unpack each room we work on.

sooooooo ramble over here's my new improved bun/puff ...... hmmmm the pictures are not that great (what's new ahem) buttt I want to journal the puff soooooo yea, I'll edit them.
Excuse the  dark circles and, I am wearing clothes under cardie,lol

excuse the makeshift blur, my face was weird.

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