Friday, 14 November 2014

Catch Up - Wash Day Changes

When I realised our new house didn't have a bath tub, the last thing on my mind was washing my hair. I was lamenting the lovely soaks, using our handmade bath bombs and melts.... putting numerous boys (my own obviously) at a time in the tub and cutting wash time down to just one go.... hand washing large amount of clothes in one go in the tub if needs be. I've just always had a bath, as a child at my mummy's home - bath, grandma's home - bath, Mum had that rubber contraption that would make the bath taps run to a shower head. In our old house we had a shower head on the bath tub. I would long to have a "power shower" and whenever we went away that would be the perk I'd love.

Sooooooo walking into our bathroom and seeing a shower unit was bittersweet. I love showers but would have liked there to be a bath also. The room is too small to have both and I don't even know how we could get a bath tub in there if we tried to do a renovation so I just sucked it up and got right back to grateful, thankful praise that we have a new place lol.

After the dust had settled and my plaits drove me into an itchy, longing for water on my scalp type of mood I remembered that I would have to rethink my whole wash day routine.

I now understand the tubers and bloggers frustration of getting in and out of the shower over and over again to wash and rinse and wash and rinse and..... you get the idea.

It's not that bad to be honest but it's just annoying if you don't actually want to get your whole body wet. Plus I don't really like shampoo and condish all on my skin.... but I'm weird so yea...

I then had the whole coffee mix rinse to contend with, I put the mix into a spray bottle and sprayed my hair in the shower without the water on..... brown tiles is not a good look.... nor is the brown liquid on the shower base..... hmmmmmm.

All that did not prepare me for my last rinse and ACV rinse!! yea, I do a cool rinse.... when I say cool I mean as cold as I can physically take it without screaming down the house!!! erm.... in the shower??? I tried it..... I didn't like it and had to hang my head forward while putting warm water on my shivering body... the two temperatures did not feel good, no sah.....

The great thing is my hair and scalp felt fantastic and the itchy plait feeling was gone.

I'm gonna have to tweak this whole wash day malarky cos I'm not feeling that cold ACV rinse no way.

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