Saturday, 15 November 2014

Afro Growth and length check

It's been a while since I did a proper look at my hair growth progress. It's quite difficult to get a good gage at the growth because of shrinkage and I have to be honest and say It doesn't actually feel like my hair's growing at times but I know for sure it's getting thicker and as I have some relaxed ends still I can look at the two different textures and I realise my hair really has grown.

I find taking photo's help to have a visual comparison and also it's a documentation of my HHJ.
Here's some afro pics:

July 2014
September 2014
October 2014

I remember taking the wacky July pic I was amazed that I actually had an afro, that was the first time it started to get proper puffy lol.

Here's some length check pics too:

May 2014
July 2014
October 2014

Whooooopppppp!! The hard{but fun}work is paying off. I'm soooooo chuffed as I have been staring at other peoples' hair growth pictures left right and centre and now I can get the same whoooopppp feeling about my own.

I am deffo keeping up the with the hair regime{n} but I think I'll get my GHD's out....
........Heat Passsss lol.

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