Thursday, 23 October 2014

Moving On!!

WhooooooHooooooo!! We're moving!!

*Happy Dance* OMYGOSH!!! After years if waiting, praying, crying and all kinds of pity parties, we finally have a place!!

All happened in a week and we have to pack and move in within a week!! We were actually given 3 days (the weekend) but that's just foolishness!! So we begged for a few days but that means paying for both properties!! 
Please excuse a mini rant but are they OK?! What kind of messed up foolishness is that? The new place is not decorated, floor all tore up and we got a week? With 5 kids? And 7 peoples worth of stuff to pack?! A week?!?!??

Yea so no time to mull and cry we have to get it done. Poor middle two will need to stay overnight with NanNan most days, and youngest will be spending time there too.

I am so overjoyed, overwhelmed, in awe an a slight state of cant-believe-it-ness. It's been such a struggle and test of faith but so happy we have been blessed in this way.

Hubby is getting boxes from work and we'll be buying packing tape by the truckload.

I'm praising God for His grace and love!!

Lots of hard work ahead!!

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