Monday, 13 October 2014

Catch up - Plaited up

I am now way into month 2 of my protective styling!! I didn't even plan to go this long. But after the first month of my two instant weave units I decided to go for the plaits.
First off, let me say I dont think I will be doing this myself anytime soon haaaaaaaaa my arms ache, even now.
I have "box plaits/braids" on the perimeter and "crochet plaits/braids" in the rest. I didn't bother to pre plait the hair but if  I decide to go through the everlasting task again I will pre plait the hair as that will make the process 2055% faster. I'm thinking that I can just pre plait the hair anytime, like sitting down watching tv etc. Just at anytime I feel like it then by the time I go to actually do my hair they'll already be done.

The plaits took aaaaages to do. I actually did them over the course of two days and nights and then curl and sealed the next day so it was 3 days... plus the day it took for my wash day before...... gah!! 4 days... and I was sick with the lurgies so it felt like 10 days lololol.

Hubster picked out some redish hair for my highlight plaits and I quite like the effect. 

It must be near to 15 years since I had box plaits and it took done getting used to, both looks wise and the weight if the hair. 

The latch crochet thingy I had was broken so I tried to use a loom band hook..... Don't try it ..... Truss me lol
I used my fingers for the cameroes that weren't too tight and then used a hairpin for the rest.

I curled and sealed the ends with booking hot water and really like the look.

The only thing that makes me not dread taking the plaits out is that the crochet braids will be a cinch to remove and there's not too many box ones to remove.

I've been oiling my scalp and M&Sing when needed but my scalp needs a good wash. I'll prob make up a spritz to cleanse my scalp as I don't feel like washing the plaits as they're quite big and will take an age to dry.

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