Thursday, 23 October 2014

Itch Alert!!

Arggghhhh SOS!! Save. My. Scalp.

I can't take the itchy dry feeling anymore!! I know my hair is crying but I honestly have no time to wash it in the plaits nor any time to take the plaits out!!

I tried to use an ACV spritz but that only stopped the mad itching overnight plus I got this weird rash on my face the next day!
I'm not sure what actually caused the rash, but think its either 
a)the ACV spritz.
b)some reaction to peri peri chicken.
c)Argan oil on my face(it did make my face feel odd when I applied)
d)stress, tiredness, unwell
e)none of the above and I'm just weird

Anywaaaaayyyy...... The ACV spritz wasn't the cure I expected.

Last night, we had to move everything out of living room and dinning room to have the floors done and I came across a box with my Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo. I wondered if I could use it in my scalp with plaits in as I wouldn't be able to brush it out.
I know some dry shampoos have that chalky dusty thing going on, that's what I remember from using one years ago, but the ojon one I fell in love with last year wasn't like that but still needed brushing. The wet refresher by ojon was great too but alas that finished ages ago..... Well what's the worse that could happen?

I tried a little bit at the front and it was ok so did the rest of scalp and massaged with fingers - whoop it was nice and clean feeling. I needed moisturiser, but could only find my Kanechom Argan Styling Cream so grabbed it and used it whoooop, I searched for some of my growth oil mix, found a little sample of the rosemary enriched one and massaged it into my scalp - bliss!!

The front of my hair is feeling tight and itchy though and when I wear it up it's quite sore. I'm praying I don't cause damage to my edges or scalp or even my hair for that matter. I did not mean to have my hair in for this long, but needs must.

I can't wait to take plaits out and give my hair the wash it's crying out for!! Ohhhhhh the deep condish is calling me!!!

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