Monday, 3 July 2017

Weight Loss Journey - Refresh

 Hiya!! I have mentioned in the past that I am trying to loose weight and although I have lost some, its not near enough for me. At the very start of my (serious) weightloss Journey, a couple years ago, I just had a "a ha moment" something just clicked and I decided that I would make a proper try at dropping my weight for once and for all.

I knew that it would take a very long time.... very long!! At my largest I was in the danger zone.
I knew in my heart that I would have to be half my size to be in a healthy place but that is only the beginning because when I get there, I'll have to keep on losing weight so that I can be at my goal.... soooooo.... I had a long and hard task ahead of me.

I plodded on and changed so many habits. Over the year that followed I lost weight, got healthier and felt so much better.
In the next year after that, I started to be more active, walking, work outs etc. and that enabled me lose even more weight.

My decision to stop eating meat had the bonus result of weight loss and my new dairy allergy intolerance meant I had to stop eating dairy products which in itself helped too.

In my mind, at times, I feel like the same super big person.... Only pictures really allow me to see just how much weight I have actually lost. My clothes are also a good "measuring tool" I have so many clothes that are very big now that used to fit me well.

Looking back at the way I was - not only in appearance but my mindset and level of activity - It is hard to believe I am the same person and in reality I'm not really Her... She is someone that used to exist but no more, I have made great changes and it's now noticeable to others - especially when I wear more fitted clothes.

Face comparison - Then vs Now

I decided a couple weeks ago that it's time to really push my efforts and work harder. I walk soooo much more than I did and that's great, I actually cannot believe how much I walk now, but I want to do so much more. So I'm calling it a weight loss refresh.... not exactly a restart as I am doing well but a push to do more.

I have upped my water intake, for 2 weeks any time I wanted a drink I only had water. I have had a couple days where I have had other drinks and I do notice a difference so I will make an effort to drink more water again.
I have watched my portion sizes and limited the amount of many food items that I love to reat but really shouldn't.
I am going to make more of an effort to do more activities, whether a work out, dance, extra walk etc,

I don't really post much about my weight loss journey but I think it will be a nice idea to do so more, it will be motivation for my low days and also a great record for me to look back at when I reach my goal weight. I'm hoping that it will also motivate others who are on a weight loss journey too, no matter how much (or little) they may have to lose.

soooo heres to a weight loss refresh..... I cannot wait to get to goal but know it's a day at a time kind of journey for me.

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