Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Trying out smoothies - Getting over the texture

Hiya!! I hope you are having a great week so far, my week didn't get off to the best start but I'm determined to change the way I react to "struggles" I may not be able to control things that happen or the way people behave or what they say.... but I can control the way I react... the way I internalise things and my actions.

With all that being said, I am pushing through and getting on with things, focusing on my goals and doing better rather than focusing on the grrrr things.

For the longest of time people have been recommending smoothies to me as a way to help get healthier and even lose weight, I tried it out a couple years ago and couldn't get past the textures (bleughhh) all the bits and... (bleughhh) even the thought is making me squirm.
I couldn't bring myself to make myself anymore. I made some for the boys and hubby and they went down really well but not for me, no way.
I like some of the ready made smoothies in the shops, the Naked blue or green ones are delish but they are quite expensive and as I continued to drop certain food items and limit the intake of others they became too sweet for me anyway.

My mummy received a Nutri Ninja (one of the top models) for Christmas from her hubby (Hi both of you 😘 ) and since then has been making smoothies everyday, this from someone who didn't really eat fruits and such like that. I was tempted to try one but the thought of the bits just put me off..... I was at her home last month and she made convinced me to taste one of hers and it wasn't bad at all, it was quite smooth... still too much texture for me but promising.

Forward to last week, I found a new youtube channel with a Jamaican chef and he made 3 smoothies in his ninja.... they looked soooo good and I made up my mind to give smoothies a try as part of my weight loss refresh/ boost.

I purchased some fruit and veggies and built up the courage (it took over a week...) I picked up some fresh strawberries on Monday and yesterday was the day.

I chose Pineapple, Banana, Strawberry and Spinach, placed them in my Ninja cup, added a little Honey,  Vanilla Extract, Ice and some Coconut Dream that hubby bought me to try (thanks babe 😘)

I let the Ninja do its thing and then blended again.... and again..... and once more lol, I wanted to get it as smooth as possible.

When it was to my liking I stopped blending, added some more ice and put the lid onto the cup (I realised it was the mixing cup not the serving one but why dirty another cup lol) and popped in one of my plastic straws.

The smoothie was actually smooth!! whoooppp whoopppp!! I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't completely smooth and I had to force the bleurgh reaction away but it was really nice. I may blend a little extra next time, I contemplated sieving the smoothie but I wanted all the goodness.
I may have put in a little too much spinach as the taste of it was very strong but as I had a lot of sweet fruits I wanted to balance it out a little.

The Coconut Dream gave it a creamy taste and also added to the flavour. I am glad I chose that instead of almond milk which I was going to use at first. All in all it was a positive experience lol.

I drank it during the day and that in itself stopped me from reaching for snacks and I was quite full all afternoon until evening.
I will definitely be having smoothies more often and incorporating them into my Healthier Lifestyle goals.

Please let me know if you have any smoothie recipes for me to try.

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