Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Just Chatting - No coat.

Hiya!! I haven't got a particular reason or topic that I came along to talk about, but I really felt like blogging lol.
I have got a protective styling update post in the works but that's a longer post and I have a few minutes this time round.

The sun is really out today - it has been lovely and sunny since Sunday actually and I'm trying not to complain!! It is rather hot though lol, I actually keep forgetting to put on sun cream, I will have to remember tomorrow because I can feel my skin getting sunburnt and sore.

The lovely weather has forced me to put down the safety/security blanket that is my coat and walk around without it. It is a nice feeling to walk around without it. Last week (or maybe two weeks ago) it was a rainy day and I had my big coat on, then the sun came out of no where I forced myself to take it off, I didn't even have a decent top on as I just put on something that wouldn't make me too hot in my coat. I walked down the road quite self concious but put the thoughts out my head and enjoyed the sun on my skin.
This week there is no way I could wear the coat, even if I wanted to, I'd probably keel over with heat stroke before I reach the end of my road. I just grabbed my "throw over" and walked out the door, today I popped on a maxi dress with it and I have to admit it felt soooo nice in the sun, the material floating around and creating cooling air.... after a few minutes, I didn't even give a thought to what I looked like, just enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.

I am reminded how very far I have come from the person who didn't want to leave the house, the person wearing coats and jackets while suffering in the heat, the person who was so full of self dislike..... what a difference. I have far to go but it's changing little by little and I am extremely thankful.

I have decided it's time to purchase a couple of summer tops and dresses as most of my clothes are for cooler weather and definitely mostly black. Which is another thing I have realised..... my wardrobe isn't ALL black anymore!! wow!!

I think I'll post more about overcoming my "isms" as it helps me see to notice the changes and will also be helpful for me and hopefully any one who has these or other "isms" too.

Anywhoooo, my free minutes are over now and it's time to do my evening chores very soon.
*see* you soon xxx

PS, Do something you love today, even if it's something that you have a hangup about, step out, have fun, enjoy xxx

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