Monday, 11 July 2016

Protective Styling : Braids/Plaits

Hiya!! The sun has finally come to play here in London. It's been teasing us with guest appearences only to hide away again. On some days we've had 3 to 4 seasons worth of weather with hailstones, wind, sun and chill!
The weather has been playing games with my hair and as I may have said a few times, It was time for a protective style.
I was waiting for the 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge to end before putting my hair away and felt like some plaits or twists.

I started to notice some breakage at my crown area, where my parting is..... not just uneven hair but actual small hairs!! humph!! I do think it's because I part my hair in the same way when styling and washing. That was the final push for me to plait up my hair and I decided to crochet the plaits because that would be less time installing and removing and also the least amount of pulling on my hair while I wore them. I plaited the perimeter in single/box plaits/ braids

Plaiting/Braiding hair and Pre-Plaited/Braided packs
I have to say I love the ease of day-to-day styling that comes with plaits, no faffing about, I normally just pull the top half up into a ponytail and have half up, half down... It's soooo much quicker in the mornings for school runs.

I have had them in for around two weeks now and plan to keep them for another two at least  maybe even push to six weeks in total. I re-did the front perimeter last Saturday as they were looking quite fuzzy and yesterday I re-did the back on Thursday just gone.

It's been a while since I last had a longer term protective style, I forgot how my scalp cries for water when wash day comes and goes without me washing it.

Loving my Plaits!!

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