Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Last weekend I had the absolute privilege to attend the live recording of Volney Morgan and New Ye and what an awesome evening it was!!
Now seriously, I knew it was going to be awesome, I knew there would be worship, energy and all out fabulousity and WHOOOOOO!! I was not disappointed, in fact the night was that and more.

From the start with an amazing dance group opening the night (I'll add their name asap) to the hilarious compère. Oh I was thoroughly entertained but it was far more than a happy feeling and a good night. The anointing was dripping off each and every person who ministered. The guest ministers were top notch.

I need to take a moment and mention the fantastic band!! My goodness they played with excellence, the skill of each musician was breathtaking.

New Ye have gone to another level..... no scratch that they have hoped, skipped and leapt for joy to another 20 levels! I am still buzzing now. I literally cannot wait for the DVD/CD to come out.
Every song was genuine, each one different but with the same vibe running through. There's something there for everyone from high octane, up-roaring praise songs to mellow heartfelt worship songs.... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Volney Morgan and New YE

I am sooooo pleased and extremely proud of Volney and the group. I remember the early years and I know the hard work, sacrifice and dedication that has brought them to this achievement and I have no doubt will bring them so much higher.

I pray they continue to flourish and go to higher heights and deeper depths.

There are sooo many moments I can share, but I'll leave you with a taster of group member (and Volney's wife whoooooop)  Angel Ife Morgan singing a sweet rendition, please excuse the shaky footage, worship hapened *blush*

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