Sunday, 29 November 2015

Product Junkie Rehab: Use Up The Stash.

In an effort to curb my product junkieism(yes that's a I am trying to use up what I have instead of buying something else. I realise that I may well slip and buy an item here or there - I already succumbed to a new organic conditioner this week (gah!!) - but I have the habit of stroking and smiling at my stuff and not wanting to use them (argghhh the struggle of a recovering hoarder).

Sooooo..... I am making a big effort to use up items I've had for a while, have very little left in the pack, bored with, have back ups for or have something of the same "type" on my wishlist.

Here's my current "Use up list":

I will post when I finish an item and maybe review it at the same time.
hmmmm I as I wirite this my bag of empties is calling to me.... I'll deffo do an empties post soon. I need to throw them out and clear space.


  1. Meanwhile, I am stocking up on Black Friday goodies over here. Dang product junkieism! LOL! I can't pass up a good sale, but I'm going to try and hold off on starting on these products until I empty some oldies. Good luck with getting your stash down. It's hard I tell ya!

    1. haaaa very hard!! I am ashamed (but secretly in awe) at my stash pile.
      Ooooo Black Friday deals!! Oh I wish we had even half the deals here in the UK.
      Enjoy the sales hun, I'll look out in case you do a haul post. Oh and if you can hold of using the new goodies you're better than me lol


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