Monday, 7 July 2014

Results are in!! - Bamboo tea and mega growth oil

Soooo I finished my 30+ day challenge a few weeks ago and have been so busy I have only go around to posting the results now.

The Bamboo Tea was delicious, I really love the taste and it is deffo joined my list of fave teas.

The Growth oil worked great, loved the feel and the softness it gave my hair.. and the thickness!! Wow!!
After a couple batches, I decided to sieve the oil as I didn't like the bits that were left on my hair when the oil had *soaked in* I found that the sieving worked well and I didnt have the powdery bitty feel anymore.

I tweaked the oil and it's now called Hairlicious Growth oil whoooppp

soooo did the hair growth stimulation work?? here's the pics please excuse quality:

Front Section

 I was happily surprised with the results you can clearly see the length difference by looking where the hair reaches in comparison to my eyes. I tried to add the white lines where the hair ended but I see a few scraggly ends just past the lines in both pics.

Side Half Ponytail

The angles are a little different but the length difference is still visible ;)

Side Section
This side comparison was amazing!! not only was the hair longer but softer and shinier.

Horahhhhh My little challenge had great results!! I am soooo happy I decided to try my own oil and The tea is a great addition.

I am actually going to do another 30 day challenge starting this week.... who's gonna join me?

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