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By Request - How I Moisturise and Seal.

My first requested blog post - whoooooop lololol

Its extremely important to keep your hair moisturised. If you allow your hair to get dry it will become brittle and break off. Your scalp also. If your scalp gets dry it becomes itchy and scratching can cause cuts and flaking.
When your hair gets dry it also gets hard and painful to comb.

Before embarking on my HHJ I used to use differnt kinds of products, whichever ones I felt like. I used to use HARD gel, like stick your hair to your head Hard. Then I tried to grow my hair without any knowledge or information and as a teenager I'd use hot oil treatments and coconut oil from the indian food shop.
I finally found a combo I found made my hair nice - sheen spray, cream moisturiser and a spray oil. I changed my hard gel to a softer gel that still gave good hold.... but the flakes.... ugh my hubby (then my boyfriend) would tease me and say I had CORNFLAKES in my hair... oh the shame. Although my hair did grow it wasn't healthy and every little bit of growth would cut off or break.

Fastfoward to now I use products that work for me... no more sheen spray and no more hard gel.
Funnily enough I have gone back to my teenage love of coconut oil but this time it's Extra Virgin.

Anywhooooo I digress... back to the request.

Moisturise and Seal *Loose Hair*

Spray Leave in and/or detangler
oil, butter or serum
Wide tooth comb
medium tooth comb
denman/paddle brush(optional)
Soft bristle brush(if bunning)

Carefully section the hair into 4.
Work on one section at a time.

Oil scalp in section and massage.
Spray hair, massage through hair from root to tips.
Using wide tooth comb, gently detangle hair from tips to roots.
Use enough moisturiser to smooth into hair - again from root to tips.
Put oil in palm and rub hands together to gently warm and spread oil, smooth onto hair - you guessed it, root to tips ;)
Twist section up and repeat on all sections till all hair is done.
Depending on how you are putting your hair up for the night, prepare/style hair.
Serum can be used to further smooth hair for threading,braid/twist outs. Gel or Styler can be used also.
Take Castor oil or growth oil and massage into edges and nape.
If bunning, a little aloe vera gel (or gel)can be smoothed on edges and soft bristle brush used. Wrap scarf around edges to keep them down.

Moisturise and Seal Plaited/Twisted hair

Oil scalp, if hair is in canerows run fingers with oil on or use applicator bottle. Massage through.
If hair feels dry, spray plaits/twists lightly and then oil lightly.
If hair is extremely dry, use a small amount of after spraying, making sure not to use too much and rub in well or the moisturiser will attract dirt and/or make the plaits get matted. Rub oil in hands and run hands through plaits/twists.
Take castor or growth oil and massage into edges and nape.
If hairline is getting messy you can use a little aloe vera gel (or gel) and wrap scarf over edges to hold down.

Please note, if your plaited/twisted hair is dry night after night, you may need to wash them or take them down and wash your hair.

Never leave your hair in plaits/twists if you see matting, your hair will knot up and if left long enough, loc up and detangling will be extremely difficult. You may end up breaking hair off or even having to cut.

**make sure you go right to the tips when applying products so you can make sure you don't neglect your ends.
**If using a butter, you can use in place of moisturiser or to seal in place of oil
**I love aloe vera gel rather than gel on edges at night as it adds to softness with the hold and soothes. Also it never flakes through the night.
** Use a Satin or Silk scarf or bonnet. Cotton will dry out your hair and undo all your hard work. Even if you use a satin pillowcase, covering your hair may be preferable as the oils etc wont get all over your pillow and all over your face.
**If you can, invest in a satin pillowcase - if your scarf/bonnet comes off you have back up and if you don't like or use scarves/bonnets then it's a must as the cotton or polyester pillowcases will dry your hair out, and the fibres will break your hair off, ever seen those little hairs all over your pillow? that's broken hair!

 In the morning, assess hair, if it needs moisturising then do so, you may find your hair is adequately moisturised. Seal with oil or serum.

Don't be afraid to add a moisture boost during the day if you feel you need it. Hot weather can really dry out the hair as can air conditioned environments.

You can read my Hair Regime for more info

Thanks for request, keep them coming *mwah*

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