Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Labyrnthitis is horrid!

Hiya!! I have been suffering with Labyrinthitis for the past few weeks and it's horrid!

I hadn't even heard of it before. I had to get my oldest son to help me down the stairs as I was sooo dizzy and it felt like I was going to fall over. He also accompanied me to the doctors bless him, I literally was holding onto him for support and to stop me from falling.

I have been dizzy, queasy and soooo tired since the diagnosis and have been reading up on it as like I said, I hadn't heard of it before, and I have heard horror stories of instead of lasting the 3 weeks time span, it has been lasting for 6months, a year and in a few cases it hasn't gone away at all.
I am praying it goes away soon for me as it really is kicking my butt.

When the boys were still at school, the school run was very difficult especially when the weather got really hot and the sun was so bright. I had to walk so slow and that in itself was annoying, I have to admit I took an Uber one day and a bus the next as it was too much to walk.
I was glad when school closed as the journey was so hard.

I had so many plans to use the summer holidays to exercise as well as sort my life out but the "Labs" has messed those plans up.

On the upside I have managed to go swimming with the boys, the first time I had to get out of the pool early as I became so dizzy but the second time I managed to stay the whole session. Afterwards both times, I noticed how much it took it out of me however.

I'm trying to get on with things and really don't want the boys' summer holidays to be affected by my having "Labs"

I'll look into anything I can do to make it better or ease the symptoms.

Please let me know if you have any tips xxx.

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