Monday, 13 February 2017

Checking In!

Hi!! I have no words for my blomas 2016 epic fail so I'll just gloss over it and carry on as if it didn't even happen.

I thought I would come and do a quick "check in" post as its been a while since I posted last (shamelessly ignoring that my last post was part of the blogmas fail) I have been trying to organise myself better and it has been very busy the last few months. I feel as the boys get older the appointments, plans, trips etc just become much more and the time to do it all in gets shorter.
I seem to be behind with my daily schedules frequently and as fo my planned tasks... I'm always playing cach up.

I will be having a proper look into organising techniques, tips, hacks and tools and get my stuff in gear.

I am still trying to eat better, exercise more and shift this weight. I am walking a great deal and that's really been helping. I have stayed on my Pescatarian challenge although I don't actually see it as a challenge any more as it's been a long while and I am not finding it a struggle at all. In fact I actually eat more vegetarian and vegan meals as I don't have fish everyday.

My hair is striving and I am going to start another hair growth challenge soon as quite a few people have requested another one. I am contemplating putting my hair in a protective style as it is quite cold here with snowy days and lots of rain.
I wore my hair stretched for a couple of weeks and while it was nice having sleek styles and seeing more of my hairs length, it was quite a lot of manipulation - more than Im comfortable with and also quite time consuming for the school runs.

I have a fair amount of products and items that I have been kindly sent/given to review which I will bw doing very soon. I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me but I am trying to ensure that I keep close to having fun, informative and interesting content rather than just review after review which can come across as disingenuous at times.
I also wouldn't like to feel pressured to giving a certain review just because I was sent an item. I have reviewed items/products that I have purchased myself in the past just to share my experiences and offer suggestions for things I love, I think as long as I use the same criteria when reviewing these given items Ill be ok. I do realise I'm probably overthinking it all (whats new there ;) )

Well..... That's it for now. It's half term here and the boys are keeping my day nice and busy lol.

I hope you all had a great New Year and your year so far is going well.

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