Monday, 12 December 2016

Blogmas!! {A little late!!} - Christmas Colours

No excuses!! I have dropped off yet again with my blogging,,, and many social media activities if I'm honest. I have been very busy lately! I think social media is just that,,,,social and I find if I have plenty of real life, day to day things I have no time for social time which includes socila media too.

All that being said, earlier in the year, I was hoping to participate in Blogmas this year but here we are at 12 December and not one Blogmas post yet!! I was gonna just call it a day and not bother as it's been so many days but why throw away all the days I can do from here on out for the days I have missed?

So I will do a Blogmas post today and keep it going (if I can).

Today's Blomas post will be about Christmas Colours.

I don't know where it came from but there are definite colours or a colour scheme that are though as Christmas Colours like; Gold, Red and Green or Silver, White and Blue etc.

The combination I used for our tree last year was Silver, White and Blue. I tried to get pink baubles but the only ones I saw were far too expensive.

I like using Gold but I do find it can be too much if used a lot. No offence but it just looks ..... is gaudy a bad word?? hmmm let's just stick with too much lol.

Of course I love to use pink for every decor scheme so match it with white and silver to give a Christmas feel
I plan to do some decor pieces in this colour scheme for my room.

I will be putting up some decoration bits up around the home but will have to put them out of our kitten's reach. I like to put bits on the landing window sills but they have become his favourite place to cotch so will probably have to rethink. I'm still deciding whether or not to stick to one colour scheme for every room or have different colour schemes..... I'll let you know what I decide.

Ok, short and sweet post today. What are your fave Christmas Colours? Which colour scheme do you like to use? *see* you tomorrow xxx

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