Thursday, 22 September 2016

Straight Hair - Using Beautiful Textures TMS

Hiya!! I know I promised to come back and do a follow up post to my Straight Hair Temptation post but time ran off as usual and I didn't get a chance.

I did however upload the video with a more in depth - read CHATTY - look at the TMS

You can see the Unboxing and Application here:

Here's the Blowdry, Straighten and the finished results:

I will be uploading a maintenance video soon. Bye for now xxx


  1. Beautiful results! I've not heard of this product. I would be so scared to try this. Like you said I don't want to damage my curl pattern. Looking forward to your maintenance update and also your reversion update. Maybe this is something worth looking into for my hair.

    1. Thanks hunnie, I was soooo scared, I was trying to act brave lololol.

    2. Well you did a good job. I miss the low maintenance of straight hair. Wish I could have the best of both worlds! LOL!!!!

    3. Awww thanks.
      Yessss!! I loved that I could just brush and go and night time was a cinch. I can see why some choose to be "straight naturals"


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