Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review: Matcha Organics - Iced Almond Milk Matcha Latte

Hi everyone I hope you are doing well and enjoying the mild weather as we shift into Autumn.

The weather here is still warm for the most part and I have been enjoying iced beverages. I have been wanting to try Matcha Powder for ages but didn't get round to buying any so when I was asked to review some I jumped at the chance lol. I decided to try an Iced Latte and since I'm still having  dairy intolerance/allergy issues, I made it with some Almond Milk.

I have to admit, when the powder arrived, I was surprised at the size as I had seen big tubs in costco(well it's Costco after all lol) and this was a smallish pouch. I watched the video on their site and the lady explained how potent it was ans also gave some tips on how she liked to use it.

When I made a cup of Matcha Tea, I was actually shocked at the strength!! Potent is the word allright!

With this in mind, I decided to use less powder for my latte.

Almond Milk - I used Alpro unroasted, unsweetened
Matcha Powder.
Dairy Free Creamer - I used Walden Farms Calorie Free
Ice - lot's of it.

Pour some boiling water into a cup, add some Matcha and stir well.
Pour some Almond Milk in (I used it cold so it would cool down the Matcha so my glass didn't shatter when it had the ice in),
Stir, add a little non dairy creamer, stir again,
Place lots of ice into your glass (I used a bottle)  - about three quarters full - and poured the latte on top of the ice (if you are making your own iced beverage, please check temperature of latte as your glass may shatter/break it it's too hot when you pour onto the ice - a lesson I learned a while ago when making iced coffee).
I put a straw into my iced latte ( I love the paper ones) and gave it a stir as it can become watery on top - if you're not using a straw (why not? iced latte tastes so much better with a straw lol) then give it a stir.

 - Enjoy ;)

 **Please note this is NOT a sponsored post, I was sent the Matcha Powder to review, it is available    to buy Here:
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