Wednesday, 6 April 2016

(catch up) Easter/ Spring Decor

Hmmm I seem to be catching up a lot lately!! School holidays will be over soon and I'll have more time. I've also stopped one of my commitments so that will also free up some time but knowing me, that time will soon be filled with something else *grin*.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the decor pieces from the haul video (this post)in their new homes.

Dining Table. (please excuse rumpled table cloth)

I love the cute chick!! The eggs keep fooling people, they think they're chocolate eggs.

Glitter eggs.
Window Sill 1 - I actually put the chicks on top of the cages but someone keeps putting them inside!

I loved how the simple glitter eggs turned out. I saw the flowers in bottles on reduction and snapped them up.

Window Sill 2


The string eggs from this post came out well. There a few fails where the balloon deflated.
The bunny is sooooo cute. I love the jar also. I put some feathers at the bottom and some of the pink eggs on top. I placed one of the smaller string eggs that had pink eggs inside. I don't think I'm going to want to empty/change it after all the Easter stuff gets put away.

I really enjoyed putting these bits together. I'd love to see what you have done.

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