Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Valentine Baby Lips Goodies

Maybelline Baby Lips - Valentine Kiss(15 Pomme D'Amour) and Balm and Blush(02 Flirty Pink)

Hiya!! I thought I'd post to share my happy dance at seeing the new Baby Lips goodies in Superdrug's.

I actually went in for some facial wipes as I had a 50p off coupon (whooop back to couponing!!) and my eyes came across the Maybelline stand alone section....... you know the one with the new or special offer items on.... the one that grabs you and then allows it's items to jump into your basket? yes that one lol.

There were a few different products on the stand but what grabbed my attention were the Baby Lips items. The normal balm has been given a shimmery addition and are called Valentine Kiss Balms.
The colours/shades I saw were  Candy Kiss, Pomme D'amour (the one I chose) and I think another one but I cannot remember it now!! I'll edit if I find out.

The item that really got me smiling was the new Balm and Blush!! The packaging is soooo cute. I love the shape of the handle. The colours/shades I saw were:
Flirty Pink(the one I chose), Innocent Peach, Booming Ruby and Bronze Shimmer.

I was trying to be good and the offer was BOGOHP so I took the two.
I do think I'll get a couple of the Balm and Blushes over the next couple of weeks as the red one looked nice and I deffo want to try the bronze shimmer, I tend to wear golds and bronzes a lot.

I have tried the Balm and Blush (in Flirty Pink) and I love it.
* texture: very nice, it's creamy and smooth with a slight  glossy feeling but not greasy in any way. The ball shape makes it glide over the lips.
* fragrance: light and fruity.
*appearance: sheer with a light wash of colour. Very natural.

swatched on back of hand.....very pale today, have flu please excuse the veins
*packaging: I love the packaging!! It looks absolutely lovely, in fact it was the packaging that caught my eye. The handle looks and feels lovely, the shape makes it easy to open. I like that the lid is transparent so you can see the balm, great for before you buy and nice to look at too. The writting comes in different colours for each shade. I feel the packaging is quite unique, there are a few "ball" shaped balms on the market that seem to follow the style of the EOS balms. I haven't seen any that look like the B&B one.

Maybelline Blush and Balm Flirty Pink - Open
*value for money: I feel the price could definitely be better. It costs £4.99 at Superdrug. I feel that's a little pricey but the product will last long and you don't have to apply it too often throughout the day.
*wearability: (is that a word?) The balm is long wearing which I love, some balms need re-applying so often. The B&B is moisturising and leaves a pleasant film. It's not at all sticky. I tried drinking with it to see how it goes up against that and it's still on my lips with out the need to re-apply any.
As of now, I haven't tried it on my cheeks as I haven't worn make up this week but from the swatch on the back of my hand, I can tell it's going to last well. My hand has a lovely glow and I needed to wipe it well with my finger to try and get the swatch off, my hand feels so soft!! After removing the swatch my hand remained very soft and the fragrance is still there.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a "thing" for the baby lips?! I also picked up a few of the Christmas editions in December lol.

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